Yoga Classes

Beach Yoga –  Meets at 80th Street in Harvey Cedars.

Beach Yoga is an all levels class.  Perfect for the beginner or the advanced.  Find your footing in the soft sand as you listen to the crashing of the waves.  This is a perfect way to bring your practice outdoors. Your balance will be tested but playfulness is encouraged.  No reservation required for this class.  Our drop-in rate for this class is $20.  Bring a towel for practice on the beach is a suggestion, water to stay hydrated, sunscreen and bug spray ( just in case it’s windy ) 





                                                Yin-Storative is a new addition to Bliss Yoga Schedule.

This class is a blend of Yin and Restorative Asanas creating a hybrid class just for Bliss. This class will slow you down, connect you with your breath and release any unnecessary tension of your day.  This class is a gently yet moderate-intensity class, designed for you to let you.  You will be guided in and out of Asanas with your breath and the use of props ( blankets, bolsters, and blocks ) Concluding every class is a delicious savasana allowing you to savor this inward moving experience.

Class offered every Monday evening at 5:45 pm in the studio.  Class packages available. 


Decompression Therapy is a new class added to our schedule for this summer.  This is a 60-minute class decompressing class offering you the space to DEcompress. This class combines gentle stretching, with self-massage and essential oils  Come to RE-lease your stress with BLISS

Class is offered every Thursday at 5:30 pm in the studio.  



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