Winter Solstice–Meditation to Return to Light

The shortest and darkest day of the year marks the Winter Solstice,  and also a rebirth of the Sun. The earth begins her tilt back, signifying the end of cycle, before we emerge in Spring.  

The shortest day of the year signifies a return to light, rebirth and a chance to start new.  We are invited to set new intentions or perhaps realign with our goals and ideals currently in place.  As we set this path, it lights the way through the darkness of winter, and leads us closer to our bright future. An intention is a stepping stone, a starting point of a dream, a power that makes our hearts beat and our souls soar.  

Turn inward today, and stoke your inner fire and light. Harness the power of what remains in 2017 and lean into the  darkness — lean into your significant life. Try this mediation from the Journey Junkie to awaken to your best Self in the Winter Solstice. 

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