What makes you come to your mat?


“What makes you come to your mat?”

A friend recently asked me this question while walking along the ocean’s edge.  A question I had been asked so many times before. And one I had frequently asked myself. But a question that was poised in a very turbulent time in my life as uncertainty and fear rolled easily like the waves on the surface of the sea. 

To let go. To let in. To find power. To find strength.  To be still. To breathe.

These are the reasons I come to my mat. I practice yoga to let go of fear, doubt and uncertainty. I practice yoga to let go of what hurts – in my heart, my soul, my mind and body. I allow the practice to seep into my core, like warm rays of sunlight, to find space for what matters most. I move freely in my body as my breath washes over me like a crashing ocean wave. I allow the wave to crash again and again. Each time this wave crashes, I gain power and strength.  Power to stand up for myself, strength to stand up for others.  

I come to my mat to get better at living life, not get better at yoga.  

It’s not about the inversion, arm balance or crazy bind.   It’s about learning how to find light in my darkest moments. It’s showing gratitude and appreciating failure for the lessons learned. It’s understanding how to consciously breathe to bring ease into my heart, my soul, my mind. It’s moving my body with my breath to find flexibility and space.  

I come to my mat to help me know myself better, to be the best version of ME I can be, and to get better at living life.

Elena Brower’s Shakti Expansion meditation provides the subtle tools to honor, express, and choose consciously how we spend and place our attention, our love and our light.  This meditation brings me to my mat. This meditation makes me better at living life.

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