Welcoming the Fall Equinox


It’s that time of year again. The one that has us feeling light and airy, but craving a little more dark and cozy. That time of year when we seek balance, purpose and intention.

The Fall Equinox symbolizes the transition from summer to fall. It provides a shift from a time of fruitfulness to harvest. A few facts you must know about the Fall Equinox:

It always occurs on September 22, 23 ,or 24th.
The entire world experiences a moment of balance and equanimity as the sun shines directly on the equator.
Fall Equinox is the point of balance between Summer & Winter Solstices – the longest and shortest days of the year.

With the coming days shifting from light to dark, the Fall Equinox is the time to draw inward, dive deep into yourself, and refocus on what’s important and meaningful. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the year thus far and set positive intentions for the rest of the year ahead. This is the time to celebrate new beginnings.

To celebrate, consider the following activities to help cultivate a sense of awareness, focus, and most importantly – balance.

Meditations + Intentions
Start a mantra meditation with balance as the key focus.
Take a stab at walking meditation.
Perform a letting go ritual by using what’s found in nature – release them into a body of water to be washed away.
Seek short moments of meditation.
Create a dream catcher with natural fall elements to capture your intentions.

A guided journal session, with a set series of questions, will smooth the transition to Fall. Grab your journal, carve out quiet time and consider these questions that will draw forth emotions, thoughts and new ideas. Make sure your journal is one you come back to often to keep the fire stoked and burning.

What have you achieved this year?
Who has helped you with these achievements? How can you thank them?
What positive habits have you cultivated?
What negative habits have you cultivated?
How can you invite in more positive experiences and release the negative experiences?
Where do you need more balance?
How can you transition into a state of balance?
What do you want to accomplish as the year ends?

This pivotal moment of balance is an opportunity for you to practice and find a moment of reflection. Explore postures that allow you to bow down and find that space within yourself where you can go beneath the surface. A few to try.
Standing Forward Fold
Tree Pose
Standing Warrior Sequence
Humble Warrior
Seated Forward Fold
Reclining Bound Angle

So, go ahead yogis. Bow down to Mother nature, shift your perspective and embrace the Fall Equinox.

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