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Inhale Salt Air. Exhale Your Cares.


Liquid Bliss Yoga Studio

Nestled along the beautiful coast of Long Beach Island, Liquid Bliss Yoga was founded with a mission to create an environment that cultivates love, harmony, commitment and community.  Our studio grew from this desire with specifically designed aspects to facilitate this mission:

  • Love.  We offer a sanctuary by the sea where love comes first. This love starts within, connecting deeply within yourself and your internal power.  We encourage you to dive deeper, open your heart wider, and unfold with possibility.
  • Harmony. We heighten the experience of yoga by incorporating natural surroundings whenever possible to feel the harmony of nature abound. Sunlight provides natural warmth and light within our studio while open windows create a soft flow of salt air. Our beach yoga, paddle yoga, and surf workshops allow you to dive even into our beach culture and yoga community.
  • Commitment.  We encourage you to slow down and fall into the rhythm of the Island, taking time for yourself.  We invite you to soak up the energy of the salt air and the sunshine, while you connect with your body, breath, mind and soul.
  • Community.  Our teachers are diverse, formally trained and certified, each with his or her own unique style, technique and creativity.

We welcome all levels and encourage you to try our variety of classes.

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