Harnessing the Power of the Thunder Moon

The Thunder Moon is this Sunday, July 9th, which marks the seventh full moon on the 2017 lunar calendar, and the first full Moon of the summer season in the northern hemisphere.

When the moon is opposing the Sun in the sky, we call it Full. Oppositions bring about our awareness, and feeling the tension of balance or imbalance. This often feels like a struggle between two things or energies, but this is simply polarization of one shared field of energy.

The full moon is an invitation to let go of things that no longer serve us. We harness it’s energy to empower ourselves to take responsibility, to release anything that blocks our path to truth. Are there goals you keep striving for that no longer make sense? Are you judging yourself harshly and attracting that same judgment from those around you? Are you in charge of yourself, or are you awaiting permission and direction from some other place? Use this time to account for yourself. Sometimes giving up a goal or ambition is the best choice, allowing you to make room for something new, more aligned with your heart and purpose.

This will be a wonderful moon cycle to focus on abundance, career goals, and expanding on your dreams!

Here are affirmations to celebrate the Thunder Moon!

We bathe in the light of the Full Moon; to see inside ourselves with courage.

Listening and feeling with heightened sensitivity, we make ourselves available for new experiences.

We willingly surrender anything that no longer serves our greatest good, detoxifying ourselves on all levels.

We equally honor feelings and emotions, along with our drive for achievement and manifestation.

By the power of the Moon and the Sun, we embody more of our rue shining selves, sharing our light with the Universe.

Want more?

Here are some fun facts about the 2017 thunder moon, when it will be visible, how it got its name, and other nicknames for the July full moon.

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