Finding Freedom. One Wave at a Time.

Pure freedom comes from the ability to detach and live in the moment. To remove the distractions of technology and to listen to the sounds of nature. To disconnect. To get off the grid. To get lost with inspiration and set your heart on adventure.

Born and raised on the shores of coastal New Jersey, I feel blessed to have a strong connection to the ocean. Like the embrace of a lover, the ocean holds me tightly in its arms. I feel protected, secure and warm. And with every kiss of the salt water, I am renewed, cleansed, and free. I am in the moment.

I am not mother. I am not wife. I am not daughter. I am me. Purely, simply, and with total abandon.

Peeling back layers of relationship, responsibility, of life – the ocean reveals me. I am connected with each subtle breath, submerged in silence beneath a crashing wave. My heart pounds with anticipation in this silence and I listen to it’s rhythm, it’s desires, it’s darkest secrets. In this silence, my thoughts settle and sink, released to the bottom of the ocean. And when I float back to the surface, my soul is set free.

The surface of the ocean is in a constant state of change. Waves of energy rising and falling with fluidity, grace and power. Each wave, traveling millions of miles to finally find rest upon the sandy shores. A revitalizing energy that is transferable, settling into our bodies, carrying it forward as we move into our days.

As a surfer, I understand this energy is much larger than myself. I am not in control. I am vulnerable. I must learn to let go and be in the moment. Each moment of energy, shaping and shifting who I am, and who I will become. With this energy I disconnect, yet reconnect. I am in the moment. I am free.


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