Liquid Bliss Yoga offers a variety of creative classes in our sea side studio, on the beach, and on the water. 

Studio. Explore your practice with yoga and pilates.

BLISSwave. Link mindful movement and breath in this powerful vinyasa, designed to flow through postures that build strength, flexibility and balance. 

BLISSsand. With a deeper focus on alignment, this moderately paced vinyasa will leave you curious to go deeper and explore more, offering a firm balance between strength and flexibility. 

BLISSgravity. Slow down and let the natural forces of gravity open your body. This class uses props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks to restore, renew and refresh. 

BLISSpilates. This mat paced class encourages a series of movements to strengthen and stabilize your core and uses props such as pilates rings, straps, and more. 

Beach. Sink your feet in the sand, open your lungs with salt air, and send your cares to sea. 

BLISSbeach. Meet on the 80th Street Dune (Harvey Cedars) and enjoy yoga while immersed in nature. Bring a towel.

Water. Find peace, freedom, and serenity like never before.

BLISSpaddleyoga.  Capture your sense of adventure as you begin to shed self doubt and fear.  This playful, yet restorative, class soothes your body, mind and spirit. No experience needed. Meet in Sunset Park (Harvey Cedars).

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