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The shortest and darkest day of the year marks the Winter Solstice,  and also a rebirth of the Sun. The earth begins her tilt back, signifying the end of cycle, before we emerge in Spring.  

The shortest day of the year signifies a return to light, rebirth and a chance to start new.  We are invited to set new intentions or perhaps realign with our goals and ideals currently in place.  As we set this path, it lights the way through the darkness of winter, and leads us closer to our bright future. An intention is a stepping stone, a starting point of a dream, a power that makes our hearts beat and our souls soar.  

Turn inward today, and stoke your inner fire and light. Harness the power of what remains in 2017 and lean into the  darkness — lean into your significant life. Try this mediation from the Journey Junkie to awaken to your best Self in the Winter Solstice. 


Can you feel it already? The tightness in your shoulders? The shortness of breath? The pit in your stomach when you think about your long list of things to do as we lean into December?

We feel it-the inevitable busyness that comes with the holiday season.  We feel it-the signals within our bodies telling us to slow down. This time of year can set us on a slow, destructive path if we don’t listen and pay attention.  We must listen, pay attention and be deliberate with how we take care of ourselves. 

That’s where self-care comes in. We know what you’re thinking. Where do we find the time with our laundry list of to-do’s, parties to attend, presents to wrap? And it might seem counter-intuitive to put aside some time for yourself over the next few weeks, but it’s necessary to remain healthy and sane. By taking time for self-care, you can:

  • Prevent illness by not running your immune system into the ground.
  • Prevent irritability by not being tightly wound.
  • Better process those sweet treats that come with holiday parties by paying attention to your gut.
  • Prevent and soften anxiety.

Sounds great, right? But how do we fit it all in?

Easy: We change how we think about self-care. We make it a priority. We deliberately take time to regenerate.

Here’s a few ideas to create a self care ritual this December:

  • Meditate. We know you’ve heard this a million times, but you can do this one minute meditation by Spirit Junkie, Gabby Bernstein, before bed three nights a week. We think you can spare three minutes!
  • Look at your calendar and mark one hour (any time during the week!) each week where you practice yoga. Do not let anything else interrupt you and listen to what your body, mind and soul crave. Do I need to move quickly? Do I need to slow down? Do I need to lay in savasana?
  • Don’t skimp on your supplements and vitamins! Take your daily and support with supplements that add in vegetables, fruits and berries. We prefer Juice Plus to keep us balanced.
  • Set a bedtime. This one might be little tricky with gatherings to attend, but we promise it makes a difference.
  • Draw a warm bath and add essential oils. We prefer doTERRA and this simple anxiety buster: Frankincense – 10 drops, Lavender – 5 drops, Bergamot – 5 drops.

Now’s the time to create a Self Care Ritual and declare your physical, mental and spiritual health as important as that family gathering your adding to your calendar. 

The Thunder Moon is this Sunday, July 9th, which marks the seventh full moon on the 2017 lunar calendar, and the first full Moon of the summer season in the northern hemisphere.

When the moon is opposing the Sun in the sky, we call it Full. Oppositions bring about our awareness, and feeling the tension of balance or imbalance. This often feels like a struggle between two things or energies, but this is simply polarization of one shared field of energy.

The full moon is an invitation to let go of things that no longer serve us. We harness it’s energy to empower ourselves to take responsibility, to release anything that blocks our path to truth. Are there goals you keep striving for that no longer make sense? Are you judging yourself harshly and attracting that same judgment from those around you? Are you in charge of yourself, or are you awaiting permission and direction from some other place? Use this time to account for yourself. Sometimes giving up a goal or ambition is the best choice, allowing you to make room for something new, more aligned with your heart and purpose.

This will be a wonderful moon cycle to focus on abundance, career goals, and expanding on your dreams!

Here are affirmations to celebrate the Thunder Moon!

We bathe in the light of the Full Moon; to see inside ourselves with courage.

Listening and feeling with heightened sensitivity, we make ourselves available for new experiences.

We willingly surrender anything that no longer serves our greatest good, detoxifying ourselves on all levels.

We equally honor feelings and emotions, along with our drive for achievement and manifestation.

By the power of the Moon and the Sun, we embody more of our rue shining selves, sharing our light with the Universe.

Want more?

Here are some fun facts about the 2017 thunder moon, when it will be visible, how it got its name, and other nicknames for the July full moon.

Riding Waves and Meditation

January 24, 2017
Riding Waves and Meditation

Ocean Waves

Riding Waves and Meditation: Since childhood, we have had a general understanding of ocean waves – waves have different heights, waves travel, waves break with power.  We understand that each wave is different, some more powerful than others, coming in sets of 3 or maybe 6. 

Ocean waves are energy.  Energy that has traveled thousands of miles until reaching the coastline and breaking into whitewater. The highest point of any wave is the crest, while the opposite is the trough.  The face, or front of a breaking wave, is the vertical distance between crest and trough.

Brain Waves

Just like an ocean wave, every thought and emotion has it’s own signature energy.  Your brain is comprised of a tight network of nerve cells, all interacting to generate an electrical field, waves of electrical states being formed by your nervous system.  It’s helpful to think of brainwaves as ocean waves – the low frequency waves settle in the trough, with a slow sense of calm, while the higher frequency brainwaves rise in the crest, with excitement and anticipation.  The face of the wave is where the higher and lower frequencies mix, cohere and create. 

Our brainwaves change according to what we’re doing and feeling. When slower brainwaves are dominant, we feel tired, sluggish, or even dreamy. When higher frequencies are dominant,we feel alert, wired, or hyper-sensitive. As proven by quantum mechanics, however, these energetic waves or frequencies can be changed.  When you overlay an opposite shaped wave on to an original wave, the original wave is straightened – essentially canceling out the characteristics of the original wave and shifting the energetic signature.  Any process that changes your perception, changes your brainwaves. 
Let’s extend this now to understanding the mechanics of changing thoughts or emotional patterns. Consider identifying an exact opposite, and positive thought, to counter a negative thought.  To explain this further, and perhaps simpler, take a moment to consider the word stress. Now, consider the word relax. Do the same with the word sad, and now happy.  It sounds simple, and it is. And with nearly 60,000 thoughts per day, the power of positive thinking can truly impact and change lives.
Riding the Waves
The practice of yoga and meditation have long proven to alter brainwaves and create a sense of calm, peace, and overall happiness.  In isolation, meditation frees us from worry and mental discomfort, creating an inner peace and clarity that enables us to understand our thought patterns and emotions. We learn to control our minds, regardless of external circumstances, developing a balanced mind in constant equilibrium.  

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, finding time and space to meditate, is a challenge.  However, studios like MNDFL, are hoping to make it simpler.  MNDFL, New York City’s premier meditation studio, exists to enable humans to feel good. For about $20, you can book your cushion for a 30 minute session within this studio space designed to make you feel like you are at home.  The studio features expert teachers from a variety of traditions, offering simple techniques in an accessible manner.  

If a group class isn’t your thing, start with a fifteen minute breathing meditation at home to overcome your stress, find balance and inner peace.  Settle comfortably, seated or laying down, and begin to cultivate awareness of your thoughts and distractions that arise in the mind. Notice the waves, the troughs, the crests, the energy.  With this awareness, gently guide your attention to your breath, seeking its normal rhythm and pace.  As you breathe out, let go of the negative and distracting thoughts. As you breathe in, allow positivity to envelope your whole self, acknowledging each blessing and inspiration.  

I love riding waves and meditation, and the practice isn’t simply another wellness trend.  And there is no right or wrong.  It can change your perceptions, patterns and waves. It can change your life. It certainly has changed mine.

Please feel free to connect with us if you would like to learn more about personal  yoga sessions or benefits of riding waves and meditation in group sessions. 


Sunshine Citrus Beet Juice Recipe
Sunshine Citrus Beet Juice Recipe:
Juicing is a great way to stay hydrated, while receiving many vitamins and nutrients. We are currently crushing on the citrus of winter: blood orange, cara cara orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime.  
This sunny citrus beet juice packs a nutritional punch of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It tastes amazing – it’s a succulent combination of tart citrus and sweet and earthy beets – plus, it’s a beautiful sunny orange and pink color that will make you smile. 
We included:
  • 2 Golden Beets, peeled
  • 2 Grapefruits, peeled
  • 4 Cara Cara Oranges, peeled
  • 6 Blood Oranges, peeled
  • 2 celery stalks
  • handful of carrots

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top five yoga surfing poses

Here are our top five yoga surfing poses: The common thread between yoga and surfing? It is not to be pursued on the weekends, or just in the summer. It is not a sport we play like basketball or lacrosse. It is a lifelong commitment. A lifelong commitment that requires practice, patience, and more practice. And the amazing thing is, that each experience is diverse, creating a one of a kind adventure for each of us.

We pay attention. To the waves. To our bodies. To our breath.

We show up raw, we are not in control, and let something much larger take over.  We experience joy. Joy that, at times, cannot be contained. We  laugh. Smile. Laugh some more.  Euphoria swells, yet we feel a sense of overall calm.

We mess up. We fall down. We fail.  And this keeps us humble.

But, we continue to paddle out. We continue to step back onto our mats. We practice.

The benefits that a yoga practice can have on surfing are remarkable.  Whether it’s through strength, flexibility, and balance. Or simply just breathing better!  Breathing is the first practice in yoga and can contribute positively to overall health and better surfing. It is important to keep the mouth closed, breathe deeply and slowly, through the nose.  It’s a sounding breath, one that mimics the rhythm of the ocean waves. 

Surfing puts pressure on the lower back, closes the chest, and stiffens the hips.  We asked friend, and pro-surfer, Randy Townsend for a few of his favorite poses. 

Pose 1: Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward facing dog

Lengthens hamstrings and calves.

Stretches shoulders, hands, arches of feet.

Strengthens arms, upper body, legs.

Energizes body.

Relieves back pain, fatigue.

Calms brain and nervous system.

Pose 2: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – Upward facing dog

Stretches chest, shoulders, abdominal muscles.

Strengthens spine, arms, wrists.

Opens lungs.

Helps relieve fatigue.

Pose 3: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana – One Legged Pigeon 

Opens hips.

Stretches thighs, groin, psoas muscles.

Stretches chest, shoulders.

Pose 4: Balasana – Child’s Pose

Stretches hips, thighs, ankles.

Gently relaxes core muscles while passively stretching the muscles of the back, torso.

Reduces stress, fatigue.

Pose 5: Ananda Balasana – Happy Baby

Releases lower back, sacrum.

Opens hips, inner thighs, groin.

Stretches the hamstrings.

Relieves lower back pain.

Calms the brain.

Helps relieve stress and fatigue.


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Avocado Toast Recipe

If avocado toast recipe isn’t in your weekly routine, you are missing out! It’s delicious, healthy and takes only seconds to make. Perfect any time of day, as a meal, or even just a snack.  And if we are being honest, in a perfect (and quite simple) world, we would eat this three times daily with chocolate and peanut butter in between.  

The avocado is a unique fruit that is loaded with heart-healthy fats, fiber and has more potassium than a banana. Don’t believe us? Health Ambition shares the 6 hidden benefits of avacados.  And although nothing beats the classic avocado toast (sprinkle of salt and pepper), our friends at Huffington Post have inspired us to try a few creative combinations to take our avocado toast up a notch!



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It is not hard to be drawn to the allure of yoga. Promises of instant zen, toned body, lengthy limbs – it is enough to get you to sign up for a class pass instantly.

But before you buy, make sure you shop around for the best studio that fits your needs. We suggest trying a few classes at different studios before you commit. Because let’s be honest, you want to feel nothing but love in the studio you select.

Ask yourself these questions before you commit:
Is it convenient?
Do you connect with the teacher?
Do you like the style?

Is it convenient?
Let’s face it, convenience is key to consistency. If you have to drive more than 15 minutes to attend a class, you might just opt out. Choose a studio that is close to home or work, to lessen the effort of getting to class.

Do you connect with the teacher?
You must connect with the teacher! If not, you might find their every word leads you closer towards angry than ahhhh! Connecting with a teacher may be as simple as loving their playlist or as technical as knowing specific ques for proper body alignment.

Do you like the style?
With so many different styles of yoga to practice, explore them all and often. Vinyasa, yin, restorative, hot – the list goes on and on. Don’t just stop at one!

Now that you have a path to select your perfect yoga studio, let’s clarify a few myths that still might be holding you back from starting your yoga practice.

Yoga is not a religious practice or cult.

Yoga is not a superpower.

Yoga is not a competition.

Yoga is not about the poses.

You do not have to be flexible

You don’t have to chant, burn incense, or change who you are.

Not convinced? Check out Bad Yogi Official, Erin Motz, as she debunks a few more myths for Yoga Journal, about starting a yoga practice and becoming a yogi! Together, we will get you on your mat.


Pumpkin Banana Smoothie

September 27, 2016


Fall has arrived on the coast in the Northeast. This morning, we traded flip flops for a pair of boots, and we are leaning into all things pumpkin spice.

This Pumpkin Banana Smoothie makes a great grab and go breakfast, high in protein and fiber. Pumpkin is linked to better sleep,vision and lower blood pressure with the benefit of vitamin A. We add whole cloves and a generous amount of cinnamon to fight inflammation, improve digestion and heart health. Skip the Greek Yogurt to keep the smoothie creamy, and without tasting tart or bitter.

1 frozen banana
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
generous amount of ground cinnamon
6 to 10 whole cloves
dash of vanilla
2/3 cup pumpkin puree
5 ice cubes

Place all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add more milk to thin and/or more ice to thicken. Enjoy right away with a little sprinkle of extra cinnamon if desired.


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